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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 n 30 Just do it

I've heard from a number of participants that they are really trying to do something everyday but,  they are struggling with either finding the time or sustaining the activity for 30 minutes. I completely understand so, let me help with a few suggestions.

Look at some of the things you do already that might be combined with your 30 minutes of fully focused time. For instance, instead of listening to the radio while you drive how about listening to that book you wanted to read on tape.  If you want to write a novel but, can't find the time to sit and type it, tell it to a voice recorder while you drive.

 Heck singing while you drive sure beats screaming at the other drivers! I may never learn to sing on key but singing is something I love to do.

Meditation comes in many forms: how about a walking meditation as your warm up on the way to the gym? Or mindful meditation on the elliptical? Or the bath tub at home?

 Back when I could still exercise I would jump rope or do sit ups during the commercial breaks of my favorite TV shows. (just a factoid here: 5 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 15 minutes of any other aerobic exercise).

If you have kids at home and you are trying to spend more time with them but they are at that lovely stage where if you suggest anything the answer will be a resounding no try these:

If you have Netflix start watching a series that your child will want to watch, don't announce it just start watching from episode one. Make a bowl of popcorn and watch. I promise you it won't be long before you have company on the couch. ( by the way I've been told it works for significant others too).

If you don't have Netflix then buy a series DVD box set on sale or rent a movie from redbox the key is to pick something that will capture their interest and yours.

The important thing to remember is that you are working toward 30 minutes a day. If you stay in your activity longer then enjoy the bonus points. And if you don't make it to 30 minutes one day aim for 30 the next. 30 n 30 is about having more of the activities that you love in your life. So even one minute of fully focused fun is worth it.